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Hi, I've been a longtime FS user (about 7 years and counting). A while ago, I got a new computer for running FS. When I tried to install it, this error appeared; When I clicke...
FSX High Quality - Sofia Airport/LBSF - "FREEWARE" !! I found this while deeply researching something else, so here ya go Sim Pilots as usual, I'm always passing onto you wha...

3 days ago

Hi all, I've had this sound related problem for a while and never found out what's causing it. It's louder on external view, what I'm getting is the sound of a jet engine runni...

6 days ago

Interrupted Network Error stopped me downloading several FS9 aircraft, how do i get around this please?
Where can i get a copy of "" program which installs the 2D cockpit in Warwick Carter's Mustang P51 aircraft for FS9 please? Warwick lists Simviation as the place...
I would like to fly this but do not know what to do with the 'Flight Plans zip file.'If I extract I get fms and plan files. Hope you can help.

9 days ago

I recently came across reshade 3.0{type in reshade in youre browser} then search for master effects install follow tutorial I found this stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crisp ground...

12 days ago

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some simple plane simulators I could play on a mobile or on PC with gamepad. For example I found Take Off - The Flight Simulator recently - se...

15 days ago

Has anyone seen a small UAV drone model (fixed wing or Quad or helo) . . . .that can be used as an AI Aircraft in P3D? Thanks Cookedinlh

17 days ago

Using P3Dv4'1. I have downloaded and installed the Serbia 737, file name and it is a great plane, however, there are no documents. I need a flight manual or...

18 days ago

Orbx has released screenshots of their latest region ? FTX Netherlands. It is their first photoreal FTX region and is due to enter early beta testing imminently. ...

20 days ago

Did you know? Goa is the only airport in India where more European airlines fly to, than the national capital! TUI, Condor, Rossiya, Thomas Cook, Monarch & Transaero to name som...

21 days ago

Hi all, I need some help here. I am running FSX:SE alongside with Active Sky Next (steam version), Rex Worldwide Airports HD and Rex Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I have be...
I recently upgraded from FSX to P3Dv4. Unfortunately I can't seem to get one of my favorite freeware planes to function.

23 days ago

Hello, I downloaded the "Boeing 777-300ER Emirates "2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil" Package ( )" from Simviation. I cannot seem to get the logo and cab...

25 days ago

Hi, I recently picked up where I left off years ago and am looking for the mooring quays found at Ford island (pearl harbor). I remember coming acrossed them ages ago, but cant'...

26 days ago

Just Flight, in partnership with Thranda Design, have released their first add-on for X-Plane 11 – the PA-28R Arrow III.

27 days ago

from panel-cfg.pdf GPS icon problems (167.66 KiB) Downloaded 10 times HI, the aircraft I use a lot has no GPS installed, but after studying on internet, I managed to...
David Hoeffgen is developing a revised version of the default CRJ700 internal model/VC. The VC is available in beta phase at this time and David is hoping to getting around to...

29 days ago

Help, I'm unable to start up my CFS2. I get the message: "Can't find the model b24d_liberator in the library." Then CFS2 goes to the taskbar and cannot be opened or closed. ...
WOW TRUE GLASS coming to other aircraft too soon !!! check it out !! NOW I'm really hopeing that they'll develop TRUE COLD AIR and hot air too so I can feel the wind and a...

More than a month ago

Trying to upgrade to v4.1 from v4 Unzip- then - Click on Setup_Prepar3D.exe - this is what I see >>>Or -- Do you have to uninstall v4 1st? Goes through & Next sta...
I am trying to make the font size bigger when you press shift + Z it displays at the top left hand corner of the screen but I am having a hard time reading it without standing u...
I realize that this is not a helicopter site, but am hopeful that someone can help me (if possible) I've installed the Cougar helicopter autopilot in accordance with Ronald Ver...
Anyone else getting Ads ? I am getting Ads all the time here on Sim V. Mostly things that have nothing to do with my interests. They are mostly on top and bottom of posts. I ...
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TRUE GLASS check it out !
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