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2 days ago

Hi, I am not quite sure what or how it may have happened, but I think my Norton anti virus or Norton Internet Security or something Norton related removed/un-installed a scenery...
QualityWings has said the planned release date of September 21 has been delayed until further notice.

3 days ago

Orbx has released ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport v1.2.

4 days ago

I downloaded the B-52 Package from KBT Japan, Yaetsu Yoshimitsu / Hiroaki Kubota for FS2004. I'm happy to say I love the airplane but I'm having problems with it while flying. I...
I have FSX and acceleration on my machine which uses Windows 8.2. It stops running after a few minutes and gives me the standard error message. Is there a fix, short of doing ...

6 days ago

Hi there all, Anybody perhaps have a fix or know of a fix for the nose wheel steering of the Iris F4 Pantom? Would be much appreciated. GF
I've installed the Iris T-6 Texan II on my computer along with Acceleration. I'm still on Windows 8.2 The instruction manual says that there is an Autopilot controller in the b...

7 days ago

hello all problem with the last aircraft file P3DV4 : 762-200ER air canada ----we dont see wheels )))) thank you for seeing the possibility of making a fix
I haven't yet upgraded to Flight Simulator X because my current system won't handle it. I still use FS2004 which I'm happy with so far but there are three aircraft I'd love to h...

9 days ago

Would someone fluent to both French and English please help by translating the procedures files in Guy HULIN"s Corsair F4U-7 for those of us who aren't fluent in French. Thanks...
PMDG have announced the BAe JS4100 will be updated for Prepar3D. [url][url/]

10 days ago

I found this early this morning. I have to say the Germans were very crafty people. Check this out; roy

11 days ago

There used to be a way to make changes to aircraft files without the need to move the file to the desk top, make the desired change, save, and then move it back into the aircra...

12 days ago

Hoping some of you guys can shed some light on this.Two days ago I switched to the national broadband. It took a tech.hours to get it working.That is another story. When I got ...

13 days ago

Hey Jetphotos people. Here are some pics of my first model built from scratch. I couldn't find a good CSeries for FSX so I took matters into my own hands. When I started I...

14 days ago

Just Flight has announced the PA-28R Arrow III is now available for Flight Sim World. This is the first add-on package to be released for the platform. http://www.pc...

15 days ago

Hello, I downloaded the FSX/P3D Boeing 787-8 Air Canada for FSX Steam Edition. I followed the installation instructions in the package: 1. Unzip to a Temp folder. 2. Move th...

17 days ago

Following one year of development, and two months of beta testing, Navigraph has announced the release of Navigraph Charts, a software which gives flight simulator enthusiasts a...
Leonardo SH, the same team behind the Flythemaddog series for FS9/FSX released more than 10 years ago, have announced FlythemaddogX will soon be available for FSX, FSX: Steam Ed...

21 days ago

Hello. I would like to have something like "Air Traffic." I mean, I want to be in queue before take off e.g. 10 planes in the front of me wait for a permission to take-off. Is i...
Carenado has released the M20R Ovation for FSX and Prepar3D.
Laminar Research has announced the next round of updates will be focused on improving the performance in X-Plane.

24 days ago

Recently downloaded the A380-01 Airbus. I was really interested in the Aer Lingus.paint. The cockpit is black except some gauges and detail. If anyone can help to fix this I wo...

25 days ago

Hello people This chat is mend to improv your flying experience. Do you want real airlines in your fsx world ? go and watch : : this video reall...

26 days ago

Hi guys, I used to fly with FSX and had REX then, but I've made the transition to P3D v4. i'm obviously stuck between REX and Active Sky... I'm just looking for some advice, pr...
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