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Howdy folks. Been a LONG time since I have been able to access the net,and Simviation.Looks as if a few things has changed here,so I hope this post/question is in the right area...
Hi, I tried downloading a free demo from ORBX (Pacific Northwest). I've never had orbx before so I downloaded the required "FTX Central". After getting past McAfee telling me it...

2 days ago

About 2 weeks ago my FSX map icon stopped working. The letter I chose in the setting-buttons does not work either. I can find no replacement or download for a replacement map....

3 days ago

Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for this. I've just started trying to repaint aircraft but I've run into a little bump in the road. Five out of seven aircraft have turned o...
hello to all: I got this plane A330 italian, I believe half of the wheel is missing. I fixed the wheels on another plane but its been a long time ago. so I cannot remember wher...

4 days ago

If you go into the search and type in Lufthansa MD you'll come across an MD-83 in Lufthansa livery. I can't seem to get it to show when I select it and hit Details. Does anyone ...

5 days ago

I admit, I have A LOT of aircraft in my virtual hangar, but this has got me so heated I'm about to dismiss FSX altogether! It seems that the more I add, certain aircraft disappe...

6 days ago

I downloaded scenery from this site (Dublin Airport) that appears to have caused havoc with my pre-existing AI mods. In essence, unless I reduced the aircraft density to zero, ...

7 days ago

Where are user created IFR flightplan files saved to if I wanted to delete them? I've looked and can't seem to find them. Thanks again all . Best regards, Jeremy

8 days ago

When I am flying an IFR flight plan, following ATC commands, when I am nearing my destination and ATC starts vectoring me in, is ATC actually vectoring me according to a publish...

11 days ago

Gentlemen, US Central is hosting carrier takeoffs and landings south of Key West NAS. You will need the latest version (1.1.9) of joinFS. Here is the link...

14 days ago

Hello. I am having some trouble with KMCO. There are trees on my taxiways and the ramp areas but not on the runways. I have tried uninstalling the add-on scenery that I download...

15 days ago

Has anyone else had trouble running ConfigSDK.exe? It is obviously a DOD program that needs a "Yes" to start. Shortly after I enter it, I get this: "A problem caused the progr...

17 days ago

Please help. I recently loaded "B-25J AI Package" for FSX. When I open the program it will automatically close out after about 20 seconds to the FSX "End Flight" screen. How ...

18 days ago

Hallo to all, i have try converter CFS1 missions for CFS2. The missions work and are ok, except a great numbers of Total_Goals. I am unable reduce them, someone can explain me w...

20 days ago

First of all I need to apologize for being away for so long As some of you know Ive worked in aviation for almost 30 years some how working the real thing all day and flying si...
Starting with disk 1, I chose "remove" and a little later, it said "uninstalled successfully." I restart the system and went to see if FSX was gone. It isn't. What's up?

21 days ago

Hi all Even with a "slight delay" , I inform the interested people that have long been available elevations Western Europe for FS9 (LOD8-LOD11) and Italy for FSX (LOD13). ...
I've been away for a while, but now I'm back into FSX. Unfortunately my old FSX Deluxe license no longer worked because I've upgraded computers since the last time I used it, s...

22 days ago

So every time I want to do an IFR plan, as soon as I pull up my flight planner, FS9 freezes. Doesn't matter the aircraft. I could've sworn this has been an issue for others and ...
I need to express my disappointment and frustration with Microsoft and its FSX. I am a retired pastor; a computer USER not a computer DEVELOPER. I love to fly but can’t afford...

24 days ago

I got a post on another site from this guy: Doug. He does repaints and when I looked they are very good quality, take a look. Col.

25 days ago

To save space on the site I decided not to post my repaints but instead visit my imageshack from time to time, I've done a few more:

26 days ago

Is anyone using this freeware on a Windows 10 PC? It worked for me on 8 but I can't get it to function on 10. Being freeware, they warned me there was no support. How about s...
A flight sim for a 3 year old by OldAirmail » Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:23 pm .. . Get the most out of your controls - SPAD.neXt . . . . . .Any time, any plane...
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