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Leonardo has announced Fly the Maddog X is now available for FSX and Prepar3D version 4.
Hello all, It has been a few years since I have been on here but I have a question about running P3D. I have been a long-time user of FS9 and had multitudes of add-ons that s...


I have a total of 4 installs of CFS2, one for the original CFS2 PTO, one for ETO, one for Korea and one for In Defence of Australia. In all of them except for the original PTO,...

3 days ago

Hey everyone, I want to ask some questions, a long time ago there is a fsx weapon pack-in called weapon pack 4(created by Chris.Sykes), some people added it to the CS weapon , t...
FREEWARE ALERT [/Euro Typhoon Fighter Jet with Dropable Weapons Capability !!] Sophicated FSX Euro Typhoon Fighter Jet , Developer Highly suggests users thoroughly READ t...

4 days ago

This is a small not exclusive list of FREEWARE aircraft working in P3D V4.2INTRODUCTION:In theory, P3D V4 native aircraft should be considered those airplanes that have been...

5 days ago

Is the Quality Wings 787 any good, and is it compatible with FSX steam and Windows 10 64 bit..??I checked the QW website but couldn't seem to find any info that relates to my ...

6 days ago

I lost the menu bar in FSX. Did uninstall and reinstalled. Menu bar is hidden and will not uncheck hidden. Sim is not much use without the menu bar.I'm running Windows 10. Appr...

7 days ago

PREPAR3D V4.2 JUST RELEASED - 2/12/2018 TONS & TONS of New Fixes, Updates and many other things to numerous to post here,, just read the web site !!! LINK :

8 days ago

I have been having problems with Aerosoft's F-14 on FSX:SE. One of the threads suggested installing Simconnect from the SDK, but I'm not sure if that installer is working right...

11 days ago

KLGA LaGuardia by imaginesim is now available for Prepar3D v4.
Hagar might have the answer to this question. (He usually does). In Quick Combat the flights start at 5,000 feet. There must be a way to change that but I haven't found one t...

15 days ago

lately I am getting the old error message stating that my computer has run out of memory and FSX has to shut down. Now as you can see by my signature I have 12 gigs of memory in...
Group Flight Northern Ireland ? Super Sunday Sim Session Sunday 18th Feb ? Raising money for CashforkidsHello, I am wondering would it be possible to arrange ATC& Pi...
Found this nifty VOR training simulator on line: Be sure to read the instructions at the bottom half of the page....Here ...
Dear all,Does anyone know why the tailrotor of this great model won't spin?Kind regards,hertzie.

16 days ago

Does anyone have a link for the keyboard mapping for Jane's WWII Fighters? I know it's an oldie but it was a complicated layout and it would help to have it. Thanks!

18 days ago

Hi All,Just been playing/flying around after doing a fresh install of P3D4.1 & pressed shift + z until I get the flight information come up at the top left of the screen. Th...

19 days ago

Hey guys,An Icon A5 was recently posted to the file library. Looks like a brilliant upload, so I went and downloaded it. However when I loaded it into FSX:SE, I received a "Ca...

21 days ago

Good afternoonComputer has been down or at store I should say since New YearsGot it back with Error on FSX StartupThey lost all my documents etc....not a happy camperSho...

23 days ago

Ohhhh Boy , this doesn't sound fun or good !! Can only imagine how much time simmers are spending trying to figure out the issue / problem ?? Just wait until Prepar 10...

24 days ago

Similar games have levels let you advance and still to provide you with a rest. This one seems to be difficult degree after level that is hard.Take a look at my web page; home...
Need help Please!My registered copy of FSX/Acceleration that I've had since October 2006 has reverted to demo mode!!! After 30 min or so it says something like "thank you for t...

26 days ago

A classic Orbx destination developed by Jarrad Marshall, Eagle County has been brought to life for IPACS Aerofly Flight Simulator 2.
I just downloaded the free Windows 10! Stupidly, I neglected to check whether it likes FSX before downloading. It turns out it isn't compatible with the version of DirectX FSX u...
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