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I have FSX Gold and Acceleration. all worked fine till i messed trying to load an autopilot to run EH101 Helecopter, something screwed up and I had to uninstall acceleration.I...

7 days ago

Hey guys, I downloaded and installed the FSX/P3D A380-800 Multi Livery pack by Chris Evans that was recently posted in the files library, it's a great package, and as always Chr...
Hello,I downloaded the FSX/P3D>v4 Swiss A330-300 package and I have been having some issues and challenges with it. It won't let me use the "shift + p" to back up. I have to u...

11 days ago

I found some wonderful shows on Apple and Amazone Firestick that you chaps on the Vulcan Bomber. It was about the last one that would operate. It was about a chap named Guy Mart...
I downloaded Erick Cantu/Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Embraer EMB-120 and added it to my FSX (Gold Edition) simulator. Great aircraft except for one annoying glitch. The airc...

12 days ago

After a recent Windows 10 update (something to do with Adobe) I have started getting script errors at startup in FSX SE. (see screenshots)These will pop up before FSX has comp...

13 days ago

For some reason P3D v4.2 is suddenly not saving my joystick and throttle button assignments, I have to load these from a saved file at the beginning of each session, which is pa...

14 days ago

I hope I am posting in the right place here but I have the beautiful Rooivalk for FS2004 but for some reason the chin gun doesn’t display. Any fix for this? Thanks everyone. All...
I think there is a problem with Jeppesen forecast.It's snowing in London and Geneva what is rareful in May Do you have the same problem?
I am an simulator enthusiast?wondering if some one can build a FNTP II QTG software. my budget is $10,000 If anyone can do this or know somebody who can do this, please con...

17 days ago

Every time I try play FS9 I get this message "" SCENERY FILE ERROR INVALID REMOTE PATH AREA 042,053,103,130,130,123,125,122,142,144 147,158,163 . I have tried removing it tr...
I'm just wondering if LEE SWORDY is alive or if anybody has heard if he has put out any new program. The last time I tried to use the AFCAD I had it wouldn't work.

20 days ago

I’ve received news today which I was hoping I wouldn’t receive for another year or so ….. the server company is discontinuing the service IA is hosted on (technology moves on). ...

26 days ago

Gateway DX4831Win 10 homeNVIDIA GeForce GT 40 NVIDIA compatibleCH Eclipse YokeFlying the basic cessna piston my engines are shutting down in midflight.This used to work fi...
I am still reinstalling my FSX Gold and it is finallylooking good,except for the Menu Bar. Anyone have any Ideas ?I have tried deleting both the shaders withoutany luck. I h...

More than a month ago

A shame, as it did seem to show some promise. Cheers Paul
FEATURING: MilViz?s FG-1D Corsair Part 2 Because there was so much content to cover on MilViz?s superb FG-1D Corsair in our previous issue, we decided to run a seco...
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I have installed the FSX:SE Jolly Rogers F14 in Dino Cattaneo's F14D map.The airplane is all black.What could be wrong ?
On my FSX just recently some of my planes when I hit fly now all that is there is a motor a pilot a prop and a set of landing gear. or I was talking to a friend that put out a ...
Its great to know that there is still interest in Mike Stone 107 Aircraft Collection Archive, with 161 downloads in 3 days.Great aircraft for it's time, Mike was a very prolif...
Does anyone have clue when is Milviz going to bring out the ATR72-600? Have been eagerly waiting for it to fly it on P3D.
Thought I mention about Erwin Welker's recent upload of 2 older race cars.They seem to drive well, & you can even drive them as a pair & pass.As far as where to drive them? Th...
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